Ventus TR Black and Ventus TR Red

The Fujikura Ventus TR Black and Ventus TR Red and availabke for pre-order now at Tour Spin Golf. These two new profiles complete the family of Ventus and are already receiving accolades in pre-testing.

The Ventus TR Red is the softest tip section of the TR lineup and is ideal for players seeking a mid-high launch profile with controlled spin and increased stability. Here are the Ventus TR Red Specs:

Ventus TR Red Specs

The original Ventus TR Blue is a powerful combination of stability and feel, TR Blue maintains an ultra-stiff tip section for superior control at impact. Increased torsional stiffness creates a profile with enhanced load capabilities for more aggressive swings while maintaining a smooth overall feel.

Ventus TR Blue Specs

The Ventus TR Black is the stiffest VENTUS profile to date. Ultra-stiff tip and handle sections work in unison to support players with Tour-like speeds that prefer the feeling of minimal to no flex during the swing. As a shaft designed for players with a fast transition, spread tow fabric reinforces the mid/handle section even further, holding up to even the most aggressive moves to the golf ball.

 Ventus TR Black Specs


Ventus TR Bend Profile

Here's what have to say about the Ventus TR Black: 

"If TR Blue sits between Ventus Blue and Ventus Black, then TR Black is basically the Super Ventus. Ventus Black is a stout profile. Ventus Black TR is hulking. The salient point is that TR Black is exactly what Fujikura says it is. It’s a lower-launching, lower-spinning Ventus Black with a stiffer handle section."

And golfwrx has this to say about the Ventus TR Black:

"TR Black looks amazing with the Spread Tow fabric showing in the sunlight. When you set the club down and waggle it, like all of us do with a new stick, there is almost no waggle to the shaft! The Ventus TR Black is very stout, noticeably more stout than the original Ventus Black. As stiff as the shaft is, Fujikura has built in a ton of smoothness to it. It takes a lot of power to load so be ready to try the softer flex or lighter weight"

Ventus TR Black and Ventus TR Red Shafts

The Ventus TR Black and Ventus TR Red and are now available for preorder at

Preorder the Ventus TR Black

Preorder the Ventus TR Red

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  • Aug 17, 2022
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