Choosing the Best Golf Shaft

Golf shafts play a crucial role in determining the performance of your golf club. A good golf shaft can increase your accuracy, distance, and consistency, while a bad one can hurt your game. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which golf shaft is the best fit for you. In this guide, we’ll provide you with information with some of the best golf shafts in the game

  1. True Temper Dynamic Gold

The True Temper Dynamic Gold is one of the most popular golf shafts on the market. It's known for its durability, consistency, and performance. The Dynamic Gold is a heavier shaft, which is ideal for players who want more control and a lower ball flight. The shaft is made from high-quality steel and has been used by numerous professional golfers.

  1. bGT Stability Carbon Putter Shaft

Putter shafts go relatively ignored in golf but BGT (Breakthrough Golf Technology) created the Stability Tour and changed the way golfers think about putter shafts.  The BGT Stability Carbon gives golfers more colour options and allows them to customie their putter shafts.  

Best Putter Shaft

  1. Fujikura Ventus

The Fujikura Ventus is a newer addition to the golf shaft market, but it's already gaining a reputation for its performance and stability. The Ventus is made from high-quality carbon fiber and features a unique "VeloCore" technology that promotes more consistent shots. The Ventus line of shafts includes several models designed for different swing styles and preferences.

  1. Aldila Rogue

The Aldila Rogue is another popular choice for golfers looking for a lightweight shaft. The Rogue is known for its low spin and high launch capabilities, making it ideal for golfers who want to hit long, high shots. The Rogue is made from high-quality graphite and is available in several different models, each with its unique features and benefits.

  1. KBS Tour

The KBS Tour is a popular choice for golfers who want a steel shaft that provides consistent performance. The Tour is known for its stability, consistency, and feel. The shaft is available in several different models, each with its unique features and benefits, making it easy to find the right fit for your swing.

When choosing a golf shaft, it's essential to consider your swing style, preferences, and goals. It's also important to work with a professional fitter who can help you find the best fit for your game. The above options are just a few of the best golf shafts available, and there are many more on the market to explore. With the right golf shaft, you can take your game to the next level and enjoy more consistent, accurate shots.

After you get fit for the right shaft right for your game, contact Tour Spin Golf and we can assembly a grip and adapter of your choice on all driver shafts allowing you to "plufg and play". We ship all over the USA, Asia and around the world to most countries.



  • Mar 06, 2023
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