Introducing The New Fujikura Speeder NX Green Shaft!

Following the success of the original blue Speeder NX series shaft, Fujikura is now introducing the Speeder NX Green wood shafts! Adopting Fujikura's original 3D motion capture system enso and Variable Torque Core (VTC), the first generation "NX" evolved from a 2D to a 3D design. The Speeder NX Green is now available to buy from Tour Spin Golf. If you're wanting to buy the Speeder NX Green shaft, buy from Tour Spin Golf to get free shipping, free adapter and grip and assembly.

The Speeder NX Green is based on such a first-generation model, and is designed with a smooth EI distribution with few undulations. On the other hand, the difference in torsional rigidity between the middle part and the hand side is increased to create a shaft that can be turned flexibly.

In addition, by increasing the bending rigidity on the tip side, it is possible to push the impact and further increase the ball speed. It is a shaft that has high straightness and achieves a strong trajectory. The Speeder NX Green encompasses the same technology as in the original Speeder NX (Blue) including:


Fujikura's original 3D motion capture system enables club motion analysis during the swing. Fujikura was able to find a connection between the swing process and the result of the ball trajectory.


The torque distribution is controlled more precisely with the medium tone EI distribution.

By increasing the torque at the tip and hand, it is possible to achieve both high initial velocity and high trajectory with ease of swinging in medium tone.

The NX Speeder Green is now available from Tour Spin Golf. Click here to buy.

Check out some Speeder NX Green videos below.


  • Nov 01, 2022
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