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The "DAYTONA SPEEDER" series was developed in 2019 with the concept of "making the best flying shaft with materials on the earth!" The middle-order model that appeared as the second is the "DAYTONA SPEEDER X". The cutting-edge carbon material {Torayca® M40X} is used for the full length to achieve an exhilarating feel. In addition, "90t carbon", which boasts the highest elastic modulus, is also laminated to the full length to achieve a strong impact and a high initial ball speed.

Daytona Speeder X Specs

Fujikura Daytona Speeder X Specs

In addition, in order to obtain a strong rebound, the ratio of carbon fiber is maximized with an ultra-low resin carbon sheet "RC 15% prepreg". "Boron fiber", a high-strength, high-rigidity, high-modulus metal fiber, brings together these unique materials. By adopting a well-balanced boron fiber, we have succeeded in fusing distance performance, ease of swinging, reproducibility, and stability at a high level.

 Daytona Speeder X Video


Mr. Jack Takahashi and Mr. Keiki Toga, who have served as editor-in-chiefs of fashion magazines and many other magazines, tried out the Fujikura DAYTONA SPEEDER X drover shaft under the watchful eye of Kenji Horio, a teaching professional. Born in 1967, Mr. Jack and Mr. Toga are 55 years old this year. The two have a long history of golfing, but recently they feel that their physical strength is declining and they are keenly aware of the lack of distance. When these two people tried the "Fujikura DAYTONA SPEEDER X driver shaft", they seemed surprised at the flight distance performance, saying, "I flew more than 240y for the first time in a long time" (Mr. Toga), "The flight distance has increased by more than 10y" (Mr. Toga). . In addition, the two said in unison that the appeal of the "DAYTONA SPEEDER X" is not only its overwhelming flight. "The feel was really good. It's one rank higher" (Mr. Toga). In addition, the two also mentioned its appearance, saying it has a "luxury feel." The "DAYTONA SPEEDER X" is a model that satisfies the desire and sense of possession of two "cool uncles" who are highly sensitive to golf.


Mr. Horio, who used to use the first generation "DAYTONA SPEEDER", compared the first generation and the new model "DAYTONA SPEEDER X". Mr. Horio said about his impression of the first generation, "A model that allows the head to run easily, catch the ball, and lift it up. It's suitable for people who swing slowly."

On the other hand, the "DAYTONA SPEEDER X" says, "It has a running feel, but it has a sticky feel and doesn't run too much. It has a feeling of pushing the ball with impact, and even if you hit it, the ball can be blown without increasing the spin rate too much. No," he commented. “The DAYTONA SPEEDER X is a great match for people who want to feel the flexing of the shaft while driving automatically, those who want to swing firmly, and those who want to control the ball’s muscles. It will also be compatible with the latest large head with a large head.” (Mr. Horio)

Daytona Speeder X Japanese Driver Shafts

Yumi Katsumata, a teaching professional, tested two models, the lightweight DAYTONA SPEEDER LS and the latest DAYTONA SPEEDER X, which followed the flight distance performance of the first generation. Katsumata praised the LS, saying, "The shaft bends and works well, so you can swing easily even without power." What impression do you have of her latest model?

She says, "Whether you use your wrist to run your head or swing your body to turn, the appeal is that you can hit the ball while minimizing mistakes to the left without catching the ball too much." She explains that it is a behavior to do. She also said about the feeling of flexing on her hand side, "It should be easy for women to get the timing because it flexes a little. You can cut back comfortably." Combined with the weight and flex, it seems to be a model that will be addicted to female golfers who want more distance.

The Dayton Speeder X is available at Tour Spin Golf with free shipping worldwide, free adapter and grip and takes one business day to assemble.

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