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“Plus” to meet a wide range of needs for lightweight models.

New model developed by “Air Speeder” launched in 2014, feeling the high potential of the lightweight model that was potentially available. In the previous model, there was one flex setting, but strengthen the lineup to broaden the scope further. By suppressing the amount of flexure slightly, not only the slowly swinging type but also golfers who add power to the impact will be accommodated.

Development concept

The Air Speeder released in March 2014 gained an evaluation of the market which greatly exceeded the expectation, such as the high lightening needs, the unexpected object size and the head speed surely rising. Fujikura have developed “Air Speeder Plus” in order to allow more people to experience swinging like Air to a longer golfer, response to heavy heads, different golfers of swing type. Moreover, since it became a full lineup with FW, UT, Iron, you can experience the comfortable feeling of unity.

Air Speeder Technology

The shaft strength of conventional lightweight items was not the best balance of bending, twisting and crush strength. This time Fujikura optimized thoroughly and designed the shaft configuration on a zero basis. Fujikura achieved the world’s lightest weight (paint-free weight 31.0 g) due to the laminated structure of each layer of hoop layer, bias layer and straight layer and composite of advanced materials.
Air Speeder is designed to have a smooth rigidity distribution from hand to distal end and a narrower outer diameter on the proximal side so that the burden of turning back is less for a low head speed golfer and he / she feels improper. Fujikura will.

1. Weight ratio of hoop layer UP, hoop layer suppressing crushing of multi-ply lamination is indispensable for thin lightweight shaft. By increasing the weight ratio of the hoop layer and laminating it to the inner layer of the shaft and the outer layer more than before, the strength of crushing and bending was improved.

2. Application of Straight Layered Nano Alloy Technology Combines Toray Nano Alloy Technology for the straight layer that affects bending strength. It achieved about 5% increase in bending strength and durability improvement.

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