What is the best indoor golf Hong Kong you ask? Funny you ask because Golf Hideaway, one of Hong Kong’s first indoor golf golf centers to open, has now been reopened and is doing fantastic.  On the golf side, Golf Hideaway has two Full Swing Golf simulators. These are the same simulators that the world’s best players are using. Legends such as Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods have these in their homes.  When you have guys like that using the simulators, you can be confident that the feedback and stats you’re getting from the sims are accurate.  As far as indoor golf Hong Kong goes, it doesn’t get any better than to use the best simulators in the market.  Full Swing Golf are also used by Golf Digest and bunch of companies that recognise them as the best in the business.

Indoor Golf Hong Kong

You can play well over 70 golf courses, they have a driving range mode so you can practice on the range indoors!  For those crappy days in Hong Kong, of which there are plenty, indoor golf Hong Kong is the way to go and learning to play golf indoors is now common practice around the world.  At Golf Hideaway indoor golf Hong Kong, it’s all about convenience.  Not more one and half hour drives out to Sai Kung to play a 6 hour round and lose 18 golf balls!  We highly recommend Golf Hideaway for golf and golf lessons and this is by far, the very best indoor golf Hong Kong.

Golf Hideaway also has a superb lounge area separate from the golfing area. It’s got a pool table, really comfortable chairs and a bar.  This is also by far, the very best corporate event venue in Hong Kong. In fact any event, parties, kids parties, sports nights, staff outings, product launches, press conferences, whatever you can think of, Golf Hideaway indoor golf Hong Kong is ideal to hold your event and can cater as well.

Unlike most other indoor golf Hong Kong venues, Golf Hideaway has friendly staff who are more than happy to help and chat about golf with you.  It’s run by golfers, for golfers and the prices are the best in town.  Check out Golf Hideaway indoor golf Hong Kong here.